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About me

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My Birth Philosophy

My philosophy of birth is pretty simple. All creatures are designed to birth in a way that is best for their bodies. Humans are no different. Your body is perfect. It knows how to grow offspring and it knows how to give birth to its creation. Birth is unique to the person experiencing it. One birth is no better then another and everyone has their own perspective of what a "positive birth experience" means. My idea of childbirth is that it is a natural and normal occurrence that requires respect and support. I want to help you explore YOUR philosophy of birth and help you see that idea come to life. 

Just a regular mom and wife with a really cool job!

I'm proud to say that my favorite title is being called mom by three brilliant daughters Layla Dale, Vivian Violet, and Valery Winter. I also walk through this life with Kevin, my best friend and husband of 16 years. We met while attending Western Kentucky University and have never left each others side. Together we have shared in one hospital birth at Tj Samson and two home births right here in Bowling Green, Ky.  

I was 24 when gave birth to my first daughter in 2009. I was young, uninformed, nervous and had no idea what to expect from my body. It was your typical textbook delivery but something felt missed somewhere in my experience. This began my journey into birth work. I had to find the part of my puzzle that my husband and I longed for. After reading so many books and making connections I finally realized what we missed was the support of a Doula. What we desperately needed was a Doula. I decided in that moment that my life had a calling. I wanted to give the support that I wish my husband and I had, I wanted to be that anchor for birthing families. 

My Training
A doula baby
Dona Trained Birth Doula
December of 2013
Rebozo Trained
Gena Kirby 2014
Certified Lactation Consultant
August 2015
Placenta Encapsulation Specialist
PBi August 2016
Spinning Babies Trained
Bereavement Doula
May 2017
Midwifery Assistant
Midwifery Student

Updated Every Two Years
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