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Welcome to Class!
Below you will find a list of classes I offer right here in downtown Bowling Green. These classes are offered as a group or privately in your home. 

Simply the Breast = $50

This class is for the expecting and newly breastfeeding family. Its an intro breastfeeding basics. In this class we discuss what to expect from breastfeeding, latch, how the body makes milk, supply, dos and dont's of nursing, pump information, illness with the breast, painful latch, necessary items to aid breastfeeding, nursing clothing, positions and so much more!

This class is held on the second Friday of every month.

This can also be a private in home class for those not able to make it to the full class. 

Simply Solids= $25

This class is designed to help you make the best choices for those first foods. In this class we will discuss when to know baby is ready for solids, how to identify allergies, baby led feedings, how to support the breastfeeding relationship while offering solids and the nutritional needs of the growing baby. 

Simply Pumping=$25

This class is designed for the family going back to work after baby, for the family who is looking to store or donate milk and for those who wish to encourage their supply.

in this class we will discuss the different kinds of pumps, pump parts, flange sizing, how to use your pump, pump routines, properly storing milk, pace feeding,diet enhancements, recipies and so much more!

Simply Cloth=$25

Do you have an interest in cloth diapers? 

Lets learn how they can save you money!
This class will break down cloth diaper usage. We will learn how to clean them properly, how to find the right one for your family, do's and dont's, and how to store, prep, and use that new stash of cloth. You will get to see all the different styles and brands of diapers available and even try them on a baby doll to see which ones you enjoy most! 

Simply Baby Food=$25

Are you interested in making your own baby food? 
In this class we will learn all of the basics of making and storing fresh baby food. We will check out devices to make food, which food to make first, recipes, ways of storage, and how build your baby food stash. We will have a live demonstration in class and even have some take home goodies! 

Simply Freezer Meals= $50



The best thing you can do for your family before your birth is to prepare foods ahead of time. Nothing beats knowing your family is eating well while you are tucked away nursing your new baby. In this in home class we develop a weekly meal list with everything from breakfast to dinner. We will learn about best methods to store freezer meals, how to cook them, how much to make, batch cooking, diet support, and even do some cooking together!

This class requires lots of communication so we can be prepared before to batch cooking something together. This class is best done during the day time hours. 

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