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Southern Kentucky's
preferred provider of
in home lactation support for over 7 years!

As a certified lactation counselor I provide in home support for breastfeeding families throughout southern Kentucky. Its my goal to help famililes become comfortable in their nursing relationship. I offer visits individually with a discount on your third visit.

1st Visit =$125

During your first visit I do a latch assessment, take notes about your current situation and ask questions about your birth. I offer an oral evaluation for baby, checking for lip and tongue ties, offer suggestions, and referrals. During this initial visit we acknowledge the issue and either resolve it or develop a plan of action for resolution. 

This is the visit of recognition and evaluation.

2nd Visit=$125

I check for proper healing if oral revisions or body work were necessary, I ensure your feeling confident doing stretches required after oral revisions, we work on latch, and answer any questions you may have. We see improvement in overall nursing abilities and continue to monitor the nursing relationship

This visit is the visit of healing and finding comfort.

3rd Visit=$100

This is the visit in which any revisions should be healed and body work is showing progress. Your feeding well and there is no pain or discomfort. Both you and baby have pushed through and are happily nursing. Once all problems have been resolved we chat about what long term breastfeeding goals look like to you. I answer any questions you may have about long term breastfeeding and help you establish a quality pumping routine. 

This is the visit of peace and looking to the future.

Amanda checking the first latch
Breastmilk on its way to a baby in need.
"Every Scoop Counts"
Formula Donation Program

During the formula crisis I found ways to support my community by developing a formula donation program that spread across the Commonwealth of KY and then across the nation. 
I support anyway you choose to feed your baby. Whether it be by human milk or formula... I'm here to help you and support your feeding relationship. If you have feeding issues, you can call on me.

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